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Planning a trip to Thailand? Have you started reading the local papers?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

edible flowers in Viet Nam

Researching the food scene before an international trip is one of the best ways to ensure you eat well during your adventure. Websites like and local food blogs are fantastic resources, but are you reading local newspapers? English language newspapers are written for local Thai and expat readers, so they're full of hyper local and up-to-date information on the food scene. Here is a list of a few to add to your bookmarks!

Chiang Rai Times webpage on Food

Chiang Rai Times + Chiang Mai City Life

The food section of Chiang Rai Times is a great place to find local restaurant reviews and recommendations as well as insightful food journalism. Some stories are hyper local, like the recent article on a Chiang Rai tea producer winning a gold medal in a Japanese tea competition. Now that you're aware, shouldn't you pick up some of this award winning tea next time you're backpacking in Northern Thailand? Meanwhile, Chiang Mai City Life puts out an abundance of restaurant reviews which you might find useful for your travel research. Recent posts include a list of the Best Steaks in Chiang Mai and an article on local food celebrity, Auntie Kampan Saengsuwan, and her legendary 3 bhat noodles!

The Nation | Thailand food section

The Nation | Thailand

The Nation offers a robust food section on their news website. Recent articles include stories on local food festivals

and the updated list of the Michelin Guide's stars granted to Thai restaurants. You'll also find articles on special or seasonal menus in celebrated Bangkok restaurants.