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The Best Bakeries in Tijuana and North Baja

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

A woman's hand holding a chocolatin or pan au chocolat from bakery Atilier Sucre in La Cacho, Tijuana.

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Since I've started traveling in Baja California, I've made it my mission to discover all the best bakeries the state has to offer. With this mission nearly complete, I've put together a list of my favorite bakeries from Tijuana to Ensenada, that you should try the next time you visit Baja!

Map of Bakeries in Baja Nord

Bakeries in Tijuana

Atelier Sucré in Col. Dávila

Atelier Sucré has been operating in Tijuana for a number of years as a high end bakery with distribution channels through local cafés and restaurants. In April 2022, all that changed as they opened their first brick and mortar café and bakery. It's filling a niche in the Tijuana café space, as this is one of only a few cafés in the city with a robust offering of house made french pastries. Atelier Sucré is known to produce one of the best croissants in Tijuana-it's flaky crispy and buttery, everything that you want! Look out for their caracola de guayaba or guava roll, a unique offering in the city. To drink, try one of their flavored affogatos. The vibe is bright, airy, Parisian and glamorous, with seating available inside and outside.

Open: 7am-8:30pm Monday - Saturday

8am-4pm Sunday

Gob. Ibarra 2365, Davila, 22040 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

+52 664 207 7586

L'Abricot in Zona Urbana Rio

L'Abricot is a café bakery that specializes in cookies and desserts- think apricot cookies and fresh fruit tartlets. The vibe is very San Francisco neighborhood café, with vintage architectural details and antique furniture sprinkled around the space-more chic than cutesy. Keep L'Abricot in mind if you're in need of a special cake for a celebration as their offerings in this category are crowdpleasers to say the least. Stop by for a coffee and a sweet treat, or a full breakfast. Their chocolate mouse might be the richest one you’ve ever had. L'Abricot is typically chill enough to get some work done, so bring your laptop and make an afternoon of it.

Open: 9am-6pm Monday - Saturday

De las Ferias # 375, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22034 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

+52 664 634 0643

Clásica Panadería Artesanal in La Cacho

Opening in 2021, this classical Mexican bakery with a few French additions specializes in small batches of traditional Mexican breads enriched with butter rather than shortening. Expect a fun twist on the traditional, like their matcha flavored conchitas or pumpkin empanadas. They make seasonal treats throughout the year, like pan de muerto with fresh orange zest and rosca de reyes spiked with traditional toy babies. The "artesenal" in the name is not for show. They hand stretch their laminated pastry, which tend to include croissants, chocolatín / pain au chocolat and esnaimadas. Stop by for a slice of quiche and take a loaf of garlic rosemary sourdough home for dinner. The vibe is welcoming and warm, with bistro seating available outside.

Open: 8am-8pm Monday - Friday

8am-4pm Saturday

Closed Sundays