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Red Curry Recipe and Shopping List

curry paste ingredients

This is a copy of the recipe and shopping list I provide for my cooking class. Please use it in your homemade curry cooking endeavors! If you think you'd benefit from instruction, please contact me to schedule a remote cooking class!

Shopping list for Thai Red Curry

In terms of brands, I feel most strongly about the coconut milk and the curry paste. But get what you can. For the coconut milk, getting one in a tetra box is best.

If you can’t find the Thai ingredients at your local store you can get them on Amazon. I made a list on my website of the brands we used at Le Cordon Blue, which include photos.

  • White or brown rice

  • Arroy D coconut milk

  • Mae Ploy red curry paste

  • Fish sauce

  • Palm sugar

  • Winter squash/pumpkin of your choice (I like kabocha because it’s similar to Thai pumpkin and cooks quickly)

  • Thai basil

  • Red bell pepper

  • ½ lbs Chicken thighs or breast

Thai Curry Recipe

Serves 4