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What Ingredients are in Thai Curries?

Souther Style Kua Curry with Crab and White Pepper Leaves

In a post a few months back I wrote about how best to use store bought Thai curry paste and ranted about its impressive versatility, noting that it is the base paste for many different curries and dishes.

After nerding out on that concept, I decided to hunt down my notes from culinary school to digitize and expand on a chart capturing the ingredient lists for the most popular Thai curries (food nerd to the max!). By popular demand (via Instagram), I created a printable PDF to share, showing ingredients lists for many of the most popular Thai curies eaten abroad. My hope is that this tool will help you get the most out of the big tub of red curry paste sitting in your freezer, and broaden your Thai cooking at home!

If you like these types of resources, consider subscribing to my newsletter to keep up to date on resources like this! The next resource I'm working on is an actual curry recipe matrix. It will use the red curry base and provide the measurements for the additional ingredients needed to create other dishes, so you can actually cook these dishes at home!

A special thanks to Thai Food Chef, former classmate and dear friend Thakoon Champatong

for help developing the curry paste spreadsheet!


Curries Spread Sheet Learning By Taste
Download • 55KB



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