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Vegetarian Thai Green Curry with Stuffed Peppers

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

thai green curry set meal with salat and nam prik

I wanted to share another recipe from my final tasting exam of my Thai cuisine course. This recipe is for green curry with mushroom stuffed peppers. This is a surprisingly easy recipe to riff on and because the curry is made as a stand alone as a sauce, so it could be poured over any key ingredient you'd like! I've done it here with mushroom stuffed banana peppers, but it could go over a roasted eggplant or cauliflower or even a cut of beef braised in coconut milk. The sky's the limit!

This recipe will produce a much greener curry paste than pictured because I've added fresh Thai basil to the paste. Even though there is basil in the paste, the extensive cooking time reduces its flavor and aroma, so it is still recommended to do a quick infusion of fresh basil in the sauce before serving.

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thai green curry with vegan stuffed pepper

Green Curry with Mushroom Stuffed Peppers

Serves 4

Green Curry Ingredients

1.5 cup coconut cream (use Aroy D coconut milk)

1 cup medium coconut milk (50/50 Aroy D coconut milk and water)

3 lime leaves

20g Thai basil

20g fish sauce

5g palm sugar

Stuffed Peppers Ingredients

4 banana peppers (large as possible)

100g oyster mushrooms, shredded

100g shiitake mushrooms, chopped

20g garlic, mined

3 coriander roots, minced

5g white pepper

5g chili flakes

20g cooked rice

20g cooking oil