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Best Ever Chickpeas and Chickpea Stock Recipe

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This is a recipe I started making regularly in 2019, because it's kind of an addictive snack but also a really great healthy protein to add to the salad I would bring to work or really any quick meal.

I learned this method of adding a freshly cooked very hot food to raw garlic and olive oil in Italy when I was having dinner at a friend's home in Perugia. My friend's mother had prepared the most delicious grilled zucchini, so of course I couldn't go home without knowing her secret. She explained that she grilled the zucchini dry (no oil at all, just salt) and after she pulled them from the grill they went straight into a bowl of olive oil and garlic. She topped them with parsley and I honestly thought they were the most delicious grilled vegetables I'd ever had. I always remembered her method and I would use it every time I grilled a vegetable. One day in 2019, I got smart and applied the method to chickpeas, and it might be the best thing I've ever done.

This cooking method is great because it takes advantage of residual heat beautifully. The residual heat is high enough that it will perfectly infuse the garlic flavor into the olive oil and the food you intend to marinate, but it's a low enough heat that it won't denature your olive oil, so don't lose any aroma or flavor from the oil.

chickpeas soaked
Oil + garlic + salt, ready for the cooked chickpeas
Cooked Chickpeas